Did you know that a high percentage of Microsoft 365 users are configured with default settings, which cyber-criminals are aware of, and regularly exploit the gaps.  Could your business be one of them?

M247 is a UK leader in cyber security, and we help businesses combat cyber attacks to create a secure environment to operate in.

Take the first step to protecting your business with M247.

The first step to improving your protection is to identify the gaps and understand what can be done to close them off to would be attackers.

Our cyber team will review your Microsoft 365 configuration, provide a summary report and overall security posture score.  Your score is benchmarked against a wide selection of business types so you can see how well you are performing against your peers.  The report will outline suggested measures to strengthen your tenant's security in alignment with the existing risk factors.

M365 Security Assessment:

  • Audit – Microsoft secure score review.
  • Access Controls – identify protection, MFA settings.
  • M365 Mailflow Protection – reduce the risk of email spoofing and phishing attacks.
  • Forensic Audit – forensic examination of backend logs to identify undetected historic compromise.

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