Is your business ready to handle a cyber incident? Get expert protection 24/7 from the M247 team.

With cyber attacks on the rise and posing a more complex threat than ever before, it's a case of 'when' not 'if' your business will be targeted. Our Cyber Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) can be on hand to act quickly in the event of an attack, to help protect your business and get you back up and running with minimal disruption. 

If an incident occurs, we will provide: 

  • Attack identification and containment
  • Root cause analysis
  • Deep-dive forensics 
  • Malware reverse engineering 
  • Data loss investigations 
  • Infrastructure rebuilds 
  • Management of all response communications

For peace of mind that you've got support to call on during an incident, sign up for our CSIRT solution today. You'll only be charged if you need to use the service, and if you have cyber insurance this is usually covered in your policy which we can help you check.

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